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Welcome to the ARCAVE research project web page

Well-preserved cave sites provide continuous archives of human and environmental records in deep time. The ARCAVE project compiles multi-proxy timeseries data to reconstruct human and environmental co-evolution from the "cathedral cave" at Træna island, Arctic Norway

The project is led and financed by The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research.


Breaking news

First season was completed in 2021. We are planning on going back to excavate more this summer. To follow our progress and results, please click the social media icons on this page, or look up ARCAVE on Facebook and Instagram.

To learn more of what we are and doing, and why, click the link below.

Latest Publications


Jørgensen, E. K. 2021. ARCAVE-prosjektet
Antropogene huleavsetninger for rekonstruksjon av marine økosystemer.  Primitive Tider 23.  DOI:

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